Hi - at last I get round to creating an Art Website - something I've been wanting to do, for years !

My galleries show some examples of my work.
I hope to display new work here - and post-up news of any projects I'm working on.
Creating a website like this, is new ground for me.

Something about me :

As a youngster I loved drawing - and I was eleven when I first painted in oils. I can remember the Christmas present from my parents - a set of oils and acrylics in a wooden case that my Dad had made.
Strangely, when I got to secondary school I lost interest in Art and I took a science direction.

To my surprise, when I was 24, I rediscovered my arty side - and I started going to a life drawing class in Oxford run by Pam Franklin. Pam helped me to develop my drawing skills, and she encouraged me to think about an Art Foundation Course - something I had never thought of. Pam introduced me to Robin Waterfield who was interested in Art and artists - we became friends. Through : Pam and Robin (in Oxford); and Robert Pell and John Smith (at Banbury School of Art) I got the chance to take the Art Foundation Course in Banbury. So I want to say a Thank You to them.

I had a great time at Art College trying out all sorts of media - and the teachers were great. After Banbury, my life took an unexpected turn - so it was many years before I got the chance to think about Art again. But, as things have worked out, I am now able to be devote time to Art again.
Thanks for looking.
John Wilson, Oct 2014.